FastWing | T-500 Paint Sealant with PTFE-M
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T-500 Paint Sealant with PTFE-M

FastWing™ T-500 Paint Sealant with PTFE-M is more than a wax or polish.  T-500 provides a tough, long-lasting, mirror like finish that protects against corrosive elements. Through cross-linking chemistry, bonding polymers attached to fluorocarbon molcules stick to painted surfaces without heat or friction and increase aircraft performance by reducing parasitic drag. T-500 meets AMS 1650A, Boeing D6-1748H, and Douglas CDS1 specifications.


The acronym PTFE comes from the scientific word “Polytetrafluoroethlene.” It is a thermal plastic resin that is inert to nearly all chemicals as well as acid rain, bug-splash and high ultra violet or high pollutants. It is very simple to apply and just as easy to buff out, whether working by hand or using an orbital polisher. Rather than leaving a hard crusty residue common to a wax or polish, FastWing T-500 will set with just a light haze that can be removed with the wipe of a towel. In the hot desert sun of the Mojave, you can expect our finish to last well over a year. FastWing T-500 is to be used only on a clean, dry, deoxidized, wax free surface for best results and maximum adhesion.


T-500 Paint Sealant with PTFE-M

"We tried FAST-WING on several of our flight school airplanes that are constantly exposed to the hot sun and high humidity of the Florida weather and we’re amazed at the results that were achieved with very little effort. The paint finish has never looked better in the last few years of trying all kinds of cleaners and waxes. Quite frankly, we were seriously considering repainting one of the Cessna 152s but now it looks so good, I can forget about the expense of repainting."

Mac Magee, Aeromech

"You can see the difference and feel the difference. It most certainly confirms your advertisement with no exceptions."

Rudolph D. Bartholomew, Major General Ret.
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