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Fastwing T-500 Paint Sealant

Fastwing T-500 Paint Sealant

T-500 Paint Sealant with PTFE-M is more than a wax or polish. T-500 provides a tough, long-lasting, mirror-like finish that protects paint longer. It works great on aircraft, cars and boats. More info

According to the Guiness Book of World Records, PTFE is the "slipperiest substance known. It's equivalent to wet ice on wet ice." Experts say using FastWing improves performance by reducing drag.

"The performance of the aircraft actually increased due to the slick surface the Teflon Sealant left on the paint."
D. Judkins, Class Industries, T

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Ugly paint got you down? See T-11 below.

  • $19.95 Pint | $85.00 6-Pint Case

  • $29.90 Quart

  • $110.00 Gallon | $420.00 4-Gallon Case

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T11 Cleaner

Fastwing T-11 Cleaner

Non-Abrasive Cleaning & Paint Rejuvenating Compound

Originally designed to remove overspray, FastWing T-11 cleans and restores paint to the original luster without the use of harsh abrasives found in most rubbing compounds. Rubbing compounds almost always use some sort of abrasive material such as volcanic ash, which can leave microscopic scratches. Abrasives may actually accelerate the oxidation process.

"If your airplane is suffering from deep-seated dirt and mild paint oxidation, a treatment with Fast-Wing is definitely in order. Frankly, we've never seen anything like it for deep cleaning."
Light Plane Maintenance June 1994

  • $9.95 Pint | $14.95 2 Pints | $42.00 6-Pint Case

  • $54.00 Gallon | $205.00 4-Gallon Case

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Fastwing T-600 Vinyl and Leather Protector

Fastwing T-600 Vinyl & Leather Protector

FastWing T-600 vinyl and leather protector wipes dry, leaving that lustrous, new-finish look. It creates an anti-static surface that helps repel dust and dirt, without leaving an oily residue.

FastWing T-600 leaves a non-glare finish that is especially important to pilots and race car drivers.

  • $9.95 Pint | $14.95 2 Pints | $42.00 6-Pint Case

  • $54.00 Gallon | $205.00 4-Gallon Case

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